What is in Super Coffee Pods?


We use organic Peruvian coffee in our Super Pods. This means it has ZERO pesticides or chemicals used in farming. Each pod has 200 mg of caffeine. For reference, a 12-oz Super Coffee also has 200 mg of caffeine, and our Super Espresso has 180 mg. The natural flavoring in our mocha, vanilla, and hazelnut Super Coffee Pods comes from plant extracts. 

Additionally, each brew is enhanced with vitamins and antioxidants for focus and clarity. Click on them to learn more! 

L-theanine Benefits - known to help aid focus and prevent crashing.
Vitamin B6 Benefits - known to enhance mood. 
Vitamin E Benefits - cell protection + mood enhancement. 
Vitamin B3 Benefits - energy metabolism support.
Vitamin D3 Benefits - energy metabolism support + mood enhancement.
Vitamin B12 Benefits - energy & mood enhancement.

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